who we are

who we are

We are an Athens-based team of architects.
Our services cover the whole range of the planning and building process, including execution planning and supervision at the building site.

For our projects we work with selected engineers, constructors, craftsmen and suppliers.

Consistently following our values in design we create buildings and spaces of high quality.

exarchopoulou + gerakakis

our values

1. Context

Topography, orientation, the climatic conditions, vegetation, the surroundings, a location’s history – those are determining factors in our design process.

2. In-depth detailing and accurate execution

Our details in construction are thought through to be durable and reliable.
We maintain our connections to highly qualified craftsmen and companies that can accomplish the precise execution of our design.

3. The real world as the measure of architecture

Architecture gets in direct contact to our human body and is perceived by our senses in a non-virtual world. It has to respect and enhance human life.
The spaces and buildings we create are thought through to function in everyday life, while at the same time being a refuge of joy and peace for their users.

4. Sustainability and longevity in construction

We believe that sustainable building includes:
– Designing constructions that are made to last while using as many durable materials as possible
– Refurbishing and reusing valuable elements of existing structures
– Removing as few plants from a plot as possible
– Sealing as little free soil as possible

5. The balance between budget and end product

We enjoy working on projects of different scales, always aiming to make the best out of our clients’ budget. That is why we advise them in an early stage of planning about the cost of their undertaking.


Our office was founded by Takis Exarchopoulos in 1977.

Through the past four decades we dedicated our work to the improvement of the greek architectural landscape, mostly in the sector of residential buildings.
It has been published in numerous magazines and websites.

Below you may browse through projects designed and realized under our office’s supervision since the 1970s.

the 2020s

Apartment in Pangrati 02

This small apartment of 40m² is in a privileged location on the top floor of a 1971 apartment building in the Pangrati district in Athens featuring – amongst others – a view to the Acropolis Hill, the district of Faliro by the sea and the Ymittos Mountain.

Building Refurbishment in Kypseli

While resto-modificating the apartments in an apartment block originally built 1955/1961, we additionally refurbished this building as a whole, including the façades, the staircase and the roof floor.

Apartment in Pangratι 01

Maintaining the valuable elements of a 1969 apartment in the district of Pangrati, Athens.

Apartment in Lykovryssi

Resto-modificating an apartment with elements from the 1950s.

Apartment in Maroussi

An opening in the wall between kitchen and living room helped to enhance this apartment’s spatial quality.


Two Apartments in Kea

Two summer apartments in the island of Kea we remodeled for additional use in the colder period of the year.

Apartment in Exarchia

This 40m² (430ft²) apartment had been left incomplete since the end of the 1970s.

Apartment at Mavili Square

Refurbishment of a 1980s apartment in the district of Mavili Square, Athens.

Refurbishment of a Rural House in Veligosti - Dining area and kitchen

Rural House in Veligosti

Refurbishment of a 110-year-old house that has been in family ownership for four generations.

Apartment in Psychiko

A remodel of an apartment of the early 1960s located in the district of Psychiko, Athens.

Apartment in Ekali

Refurbishment of a kitchen and master bathroom in a 1980s apartment.

Apartment in Ambelokipi

An apartment in Athens of about 70m² (753ft²) that has been fully refurbished.

Residence in Voula 03

The plot of 570m² (6.135ft²) in the area of Voula in Athens, on which this residence was built, has the shape of an irregular pentagon.

Residence in Thiva

This house was built for a family of four – a young couple and their two children – at the southeastern outskirts of the town of Thiva, Greece.


Medical Practice in Thiva

We were comissioned by a cardiologist to convert an apartment into his new medical practice.

Jewellery Shop in Thiva 02

Six years after the completion of the first shop, we created another retail space for jewellery in the town of Thiva.

Two Residences in Ekali

The wish of the client was to build two houses on the plot for which we had to guarantee full independence.

Vacation House in Nea Artaki

This vacation house was built on a plot that overlooks the Northern Gulf of the Island of Evia, Greece.

Residence in Markopoulo

This residence is located in the village of Markopoulo in Eastern Attica, Greece, near the Mesogeia Equestrian Club.

Apartments in Kifissia

Our office was commissioned to alter and enhance the floorplans of two apartments in the area of Kifissia, Athens.

Jewellery Shop in Thiva 01

This jewellery shop is located in one of the main shopping streets of the town of Thiva, Greece.

Residence in Kifissia 03

The floorplans of this two-apartment residence are mirrored along an axis following the long sides of the lot.


Residence in Kifissia 02

This residence in Kifissia, Athens, was built for a family of four – a couple and their two children.

Office building in Chalandri

This building was planned and built in cooperation with architects G. Apostolakos and K. Kyriakidis. It houses the headquarters of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (formerly GlaxoWellcome) in Greece.
It became one of the most iconic office buildings of the city of Athens.

Residence in Kifissia 01

The floorplan of this residence is L-shaped. The windows of the upper floor are tilted towards the garden, like the windows of a control tower.

Residence in Voula 02

This residence is located in the district of Voula, Athens.


Residence in Dionyssos

This residence in Dionyssos, in the suburbs of Athens, is characterized by the intersection of two rectangular parallelepipeds.

Four Apartment House in Ekali

A symmetry axis divides a two-storeyed patio, which constitutes the core of this four-apartment building.

Residence in Faliro

The shape of this residence was developed respecting a walnut tree previously existing on the lot.

Vacation House in Mavrendi

A reinterpretation of the rural with contemporary materials. This residence’s walls are all made out of reinforced concrete.

Residence in Voula 01

A highly sculptural residence, showing volumes and voids and featuring an integrated circular swimming pool.

Apartment Block in Galatsi

This apartment block is located in the district of Galatsi, Athens. As a solid block, it covers a corner lot at the junction of  Tralleon St. and Sapfous St.

Cottage Industry Building in Nea Filothei

This building was built both for housing a small fashion line as well as the owner’s apartment on the upper floor. Fashion shows took place on the roof.
One of its greatest features are the columnless floorplans.

Office in Athens

An office space designed in the spirit of the 1980s.


Apartment Block in Maroussi

This apartment block in Maroussi, Athens, features deep balconies and the sculptural use of concete.

Hotel in Antirrio

This hotel was to be built in the area of Antirrio, on the Peloponnese. Amongst others, it featured solar energy systems.

AEK Stadium Tribune

In 1977 an additional tribune for the stadium of the greek AEK football team was needed. It was built with the cooperation of renowned engineers of the time.

Apartment Block in Kareas

The block is stepped back with deep garden balconies, supporting walls and exterior stairways, that give it its distinct character.

Residence in Politeia

The first ever realized project of our office, with design work by Takis Exarchopoulos having started back in 1975.