Wohnhaus in Faliro

Wohnhaus in Faliro

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The environment around the building site is characterised by two-storeyed and three-storeyed houses of the 1960s and the 1970s and a total lack of a wider horizon. On the other hand, the site itself contains a magnificent walnut tree.

A circular open-air space, 7,50m (approx. 24ft) in diameter, on the north-south diagonal of the square plan orientates the two-storeyed house to the semi-circular course of the sun and creates a private space for everyday life.

The rooms were placed on the periphery of the circular open-air space: the entrance, sitting room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor. The children’s bedrooms and master bedroom on the upper floor.

Entwurf und Bauaufsicht:
Τakis Exarchopoulos

Planung Statik:
P. Petritis

Planung Gebäudetechnik:
E. Spyrou

Grundstücksfläche: 575m²
Gebäudefläche: 230m² (exklusive Kellergeschoss)

Fertigstellung: 1987