Mehrfamilienhaus in Kareas

Mehrfamilienhaus in Kareas

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The site’s steep diagonal slope and its narrow front, as well as the planning requirements for two large similar apartments and four smaller ones, were the main factors determining the project’s basic design.

The block is stepped back with deep garden balconies, supporting walls and exterior stairways, that give it its distinct character.

Each apartment consists of two space units: a level difference of 1,20m (3,94ft) separates beds, bedrooms and utilities from the living areas, which are designed to take full advantage of the view. The two small apartments encircling the main staircase are two-storey ones.

This project was published in the architectural magazine Design + Art in Greece (issue 14, 1983). It was also mentioned in the book Reflections on Greek Postwar Architecture by Panos Tsakopoulos (published 2014).

Entwurf und Bauaufsicht:
Τakis Exarchopoulos
Fotis Papastamatis

Planung Statik:
Gerassimos Ertsos

Grundstücksfläche: 2.037m²
Gebäudefläche: 987m²

Fertigstellung: 1978